(Photo by Emily Jane, Edited by Studio53)

Hey All!

My name is Chelsea Windle, I am the photographer behind Studio53. It’s called Studio53 because May 3rd (5/3) is my birthday! I am a natural light wedding and portrait photographer. I love spending time getting to know my clients, figuring out what brings them joy, and capturing the sparkle in their eye. It’s so fun to see people light up when they are around someone they love during a session, or when I show them the back of my camera and see themselves as I see them. I try to make each session unique and enjoyable. I can and will make you laugh!

I am married to a wonderful man and a new mother to the most adorable baby boy. We live in the Canton Area and we have the silliest little golden doodle, Tucker. I am completely obsessed with coffee. I don’t function well without it. Disney commercials make me cry. I quote FRIENDS constantly. In college I became legally deaf. Huh? I had an ear infection that went crazy, but God and a wonderful surgeon got me through multiple surgeries and now I hear “almost” like a normal person, so I apologize ahead of time if I ask you to repeat yourself. If popcorn was healthy, I would eat it all day, every day. Michigan is my home, but I am obsessed with traveling. I lived and worked on a Yacht, in the Florida Keys, for a year. And I am a professional Petoskey stone finder.

If you wanna know more about me, book me, become my friend, or simply follow me on social media!