Collan & Annette – Detroit

What do you do when you’re feeling in a 2020 pandemic induced funk? You ask your best friends to throw on their wedding attire and head for Downtown Detroit to capture some epic and beautiful couples photos! This has honestly been the weirdest year ever. I’m sure we can all agree to that. The wedding industry has taken a pretty hard hit, and that is just the businesses alone. I can’t even imagine planning and canceling or planning and rescheduling the day I’ve been dreaming of, my whole life. So my heart goes out to all those couples and I pray everything is coming together (again), and easier this time.

On a happier note. Look at these two! They just celebrated 5 years of marriage together! Aren’t they stunning? Fun fact, my husband and I made our dating relationship “official/exclusive” at their wedding, ha! Our friendship goes pretty far back and we love doing life with them. Collan and Annette are Crossfit crazies, (can’t you tell by their physiques?), they have converted their garage into a gym where Collan trains clients. Together they have the sweetest little one year old son and the most beautiful red retriever. When I approached them with the idea of taking pictures, Annette jumped at the idea, Collan was swayed and boy am I glad he got convinced. They made my job so easy! Enjoy looking through this beautiful Detroit Session!

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