Collan & Annette – Detroit

What do you do when you’re feeling in a 2020 pandemic induced funk? You ask your best friends to throw on their wedding attire and head for Downtown Detroit to capture some epic and beautiful couples photos! This has honestly been the weirdest year ever. I’m sure we can all agree to that. The wedding industry has taken a pretty hard hit, and that is just the businesses alone. I can’t even imagine planning and canceling or planning and rescheduling the day I’ve been dreaming of, my whole life. So my heart goes out to all those couples and I pray everything is coming together (again), and easier this time.

On a happier note. Look at these two! They just celebrated 5 years of marriage together! Aren’t they stunning? Fun fact, my husband and I made our dating relationship “official/exclusive” at their wedding, ha! Our friendship goes pretty far back and we love doing life with them. Collan and Annette are Crossfit crazies, (can’t you tell by their physiques?), they have converted their garage into a gym where Collan trains clients. Together they have the sweetest little one year old son and the most beautiful red retriever. When I approached them with the idea of taking pictures, Annette jumped at the idea, Collan was swayed and boy am I glad he got convinced. They made my job so easy! Enjoy looking through this beautiful Detroit Session!

Dana & Grant Engagement

SWOON WORTHY ALERT! Over the 4th of July week, Dana and Grant ventured to Northern Michigan to capture their engagement session, at the peak of Lavender season. We are so thankful to Sweetwater Lavender Farm for letting us frolic on their beautiful grounds and capture these incredible images.
As stunning as this couple is, you wont be seeing their wedding blog from me, I will be IN their wedding, not photographing it. And I cannot wait to celebrate these two! 
Dana and Grant met and started dating in college. They graduated and had to date long distance. But that didn’t stop them from letting their love grow, reaching all the way from Detroit to Grand Rapids to Chicago to Milwaukee. These two are proof that relationships take work, and that work creates beautiful things. Grant texted me last fall saying “can you call me?” and immediately I knew! He was going to propose to Dana!! So together we came up with the proposal plan, to take her back to a sweet date spot that they both loved. I laid out a blanket, rose petals, candles, a bottle of champagne, and hid in the woods to capture the moment as it happened. He dropped to a knee, she let out a squeal, and he placed his grandmothers emerald cut diamond ring on her finger.
I told you, swoon worthy! 

Roslyn & Alvin Engagement

Would you just look at these two!?! Holy gorgeousness, I’m obsessed. Roslyn and Alvin spoke my language when they said they wanted tall trees, water and golden hour wrapped into their engagement session. I love saying “YOU GOT IT!” and making magic happen. In my parent’s neighborhood in Boyne City, MI are these epic rows and rows and rows of trees. I also told them I had a boat I wanted to bring them down a river in… I didn’t mention it was a tiny 40 year old metal fishing boat, or that we’d have to cross the open water of Lake Charlevoix to get to the river, but with much excitement they jumped aboard and we nailed it! Just take a look!


Callie & Michael Engagement Session

Summer is officially here to stay! These golden hours just have me swooning. And so did this couple, during their engagement session! Callie and Michael are high school sweethearts. Aww, right?! They just radiated happiness their whole shoot. I am really looking forward to their wedding next May! 
We danced in the sun and through the willow trees that lined Belle Isle’s shore. My goodness this place is just full of incredible spots! If you ever have the chance to go there, make sure to plan a day to see it all. But better yet, make sure you plan to stick around and see the sun set right behind the Detroit city skyline. To check out what I’m talking about, scroll down.

Alicia & Nick Engagement Session

I just love all my couples! And their willingness to brave anything for the shot. I think there was still some snow lingering around during Alicia and Nick’s engagement shoot. Their noses were red by the end of it, but boy did they grin and bear it well. And as a result, they got incredible photos. They chose to walk along the banks of the Detroit river, and I made them drive up way too many flights of a parking structure. But the views were incredible and the shots were dramatic. I love it! 
Looking forward to your wedding day, Alicia & Nick!

Megan & Alex Engagement Session

Ahhh! In less than a month, these two will tie the knot! I am absolutely overjoyed to be working with Megan and Alex and capturing their special moments. They took me on an adventure through Detroit. Since I recently moved to Canton, I now have all the goodies of a large downtown at my disposal, but I don’t know where to go, so I trusted them to tour me around. And wow, we found some beautiful gems! The DIA, Belle Isle, and Eastern Market, all just gorgeous spots. Even though they were my guides, at one point I think I scared Alex by yelling, “STOP THE CAR! You HAVE to pose in those flowers!” And pose they did. How epic are those daffodils. Scroll down to see!

Kali & Christian Engagement Session

Wedding Season has begun! And so it’s time for me to catch up on some blogging and and show off these sessions!
Meet Kali and Christian. This adorable couple shot their engagement session last summer with me in Williamston, Michigan at a friend’s farm. Their wedding is this summer, coming up so soon. And if their wedding day is anything like their engagement session, then it will be absolutely perfect! (okay, even if it’s not JUST like this day, it will still be perfect, because they’re getting married!)
Just take a look for yourself! The sun was just right, they’re a beautiful couple, and we left with incredible pictures, a couple bug bits and one stinging nettle wound (me), but absolutely worth it! 
I cannot wait to photograph your wedding, Kali & Christian.