Jakob & Alivia: Wedding

“So I do, I always do. I am yours and you are mine and we are His.”
– Alivia Skogheim

I am not kidding you, I think I went through a box of tissues during this wedding. This wedding gave us ALL THE FEELS (I think it’s the silliest saying but it’s so fitting). Jakob and Alivia’s day was truly a day no one would forget. 

Sometimes I wonder why I even try to come up with words to describe what you are about to see. These images truly speak for themselves! So, for now, scroll through, and enjoy their beautiful wedding day. (Of course, there are explanations under certain pictures, because I couldn’t help myself and you should know all the amazing details!)

I love my job. I get to capture your moments and emotions and preserve them. Forever. 

I met Jakob a couple years ago at a stylized shoot, held by a mutual photographer friend, Rob Woodcox. Since that shoot, Jakob and I partnered up and shot many weddings side by side. So, when Jakob’s role changed to Groom, and he asked me to photograph it, I was completely honored. And wonderfully, Rob was there to second shoot this wedding with me! 


To start off the beautiful and emotional day, Alivia gets ready in her wedding dress, which has been worn for three generations. Her grandma wore the original dress, which was passed down to her mom and then she passed it down to Alivia, each of them slightly altering the dress to make it uniquely their own. How amazing is that! Jakob and Alivia didn’t have a first look, but they got to hold hands and pray with each other before the ceremony, behind a door. Talk about self control and not peeking! Isn’t that dress beautiful?
That look!
Their church had incredibly high cathedral ceilings. It was quite breathtaking to walk in to.   A bridal party made up of siblings. There is nothing better! These are the people who will be standing by your side for the rest of your life, no matter what! What an amazing blessing! 

The Gandy Dancer is the most adorable 1886 restored train depot turned restaurant! Absolutely perfect for an intimate summer reception! Alivia’s Dad bought a bottle of wine for each of his children when they were born, so that they could open it, and drink it together on their wedding day! Now that’s a man who plans ahead!  

Again, this man is incredible and planned so far ahead! Alivia didn’t know exactly what to expect for her father daughter dance, but she knew it was going to be meaningful and memorable. Her dad took a song and inserted recordings of her voice from different part of her childhood, saying things like “I love you daddy”. I’m surprised I got any pictures of this moment, because I couldn’t see a dang thing, my eyes were flooding! Alivia was not feeling well, but she pushed through and performed her heart out, singing a song she wrote to Jakob. Some of her touching lyrics were quoted above. I wonder what happened on that dance floor… we may never know!

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