Michael & Ellie: Engagement

Ellie & Michael are absolutely adorable together. I am so honored to have chosen me to capture their engagement session, and in 11 days, their wedding! Yesterday Ellie and I met up at Red Dot Coffee and discussed the final details of her big day. We then went over to The Inn at St. John’s for a tour. If you have not seen the Inn at St. Johns, just you wait! It is such a grand building with a cathedral that literally takes your breath away. I am already looking forward to editing and blogging their wedding so you can see what I mean! So, while you wait, here is their engagement session and their proposal story in Ellie’s own words:
“His family joined my family at our cottage in Canada for the weekend (suspicious but not convincing). We had an awesome time all day Saturday on the beach doing all normal “weekend at the cottage” type things! Saturday evening dinner comes around and, as usual, we have a BBQ and big ol’ dinner with everyone around– his family, my family, my grandma, her two sisters, etc. Dinner was delish and I was ready to get down to the beach to catch my favorite part of the day: the sunset. Weeeeelll, I was forced on a walk with my mom and his mom and his sister. When we came back, we were making our way down the hill/pathway to the beach when I see everyone lined up along the way down to the beach! Everyone had a rose and a card in their hand, on which was printed “I love you because ….” (Ps they were the same cards that my mom used to fill out and put in our lunch box/stocking/bathroom/pillowcase) So as I go down the hill, I receive a rose and a card from each person about how they love me because… I finally reach Michael who is on the beach with a rose and a card and we jump onto this large boulder where our first picture was taken and he says “well, I love you because etc etc etc”. Soon he was on one knee, I said yes, and the party continued! Unknown to us, my brother and his wife coordinated an awesome celebration afterwards with champagne and music and fun with everyone involved!! It was the best night ever.”

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